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Want Quality Sourcing for you Amazon Products?

Enjoy our trouble-free and quality-controlled product sourcing system to automate your Amazon product procurement

  • Only Amazon Marketing Agency physically present in China

  • Strong, tested relationships with Chinese factories and inspectors

  • Inventory built, inspected and sent straight to Amazon Warehouse

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Access powerful product sourcing through Cridiqa

The end goal of any product launch on Amazon is revenue. Let say, you have finalized an amazing unique product which has huge potential. The next crucial step is to source the product in the same quality as of competition, keeping profit margins above 20%. You have to do all the maths to actually know your targeted sourcing price which will allow you to anticipate the total product launching budget beforehand.

This is where Cridiqa comes in. We have a complete method to calculate the budgets which will remove all the ambiguity, giving you a clear picture of what will come ahead to plan finances accordingly. With this anticipation, you won't be burning out in the middle of the launch which happens to 80% of Amazon sellers making their launches unsuccessful and costing them a fortune to come out of it.

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Only Amazon service agency physically present in China

90% of product sourcing is done from China. By launching 50 plus products for our partners, we realize that there is a huge gap in product sourcing because of language barrier and physical presence. So to overcome this, Cridiqa opened a sourcing office in China to streamline the sourcing process.

We are the only Amazon service agency who has a physical sourcing office with Chinese speaking team inside China. Now you can get product evaluations, quality checks, inventory evaluation and complete sourcing solutions all under one roof with ease.

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