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Need more Reviews on your Amazon Products?

Tested methods to increase reviews on Amazon, all manual and no bull tool

  • Hassle-free review requesting from Amazon Sellercentral to increase organic reviews

  • Coupon and discount code offers to the network of genuine buyers for product feedback

  • Grow your audience to millions by using our persuasive Facebook chatbots

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The main hurdles in getting reviews on Amazon - and how to overcome it

You would find it obvious, but the first thing you have to do to get more reviews is to actually get sales. When the product is launched at first, it is obvious that it would have zero sales and reviews. For this specific reason, 95% of sellers run sponsored Ads on them which can be extremely expensive and less converting due to the lack of little to no reviews. It feels absurd that you need reviews to get more sales but you need more sales to get more reviews but it is what it is.

With Cridiqa, you don't have to worry about initial sales or reviews. We have a complete working system where we advertise your product to our early adopters network who are always on a lookout for best deals and products. We pursue them to buy your product by offering a discounted coupon or full rebate (rebate works best in our experience). We can then further track them to leave a review for the product to increase overall review count enabling you to reach the top ranking spots on Amazon.

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Increase your organic review rate by 3x: Say no to email

You must have noticed a small button in your seller central dashboard which says “request a review.” We changed our strategy to go with that button and stop sending emails to our Amazon customers and we got 3 times more reviews compared to the email review growth rate.

This was all great because now we have a complete link to reach out and ask for a genuine honest review. But pushing that button again and again is frustrating so we have automated the process and now when you get onboard with Cridiqa, you can send the request to the entire list by just pushing a single button.

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Scale and dominate niche with ease, we’ve got your back

Are you a seller of niche items that don’t have initial sales movement? A while back, this was the biggest challenge for Amazon sellers because it was difficult to find the initial sales for jumpstart products organically. Now, with our completely automated Facebook chatbots, you can create Ads that directly target your desired audience and offer them discount coupons or rebates inside the Facebook messenger. This also allows you to make and grow the list of your customers while growing sales and reviews on Amazon.

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